Is there any up front cost to pursue my claims?
No. If I recover money for you from Walmart, I will be paid out of that money.

How do I pay you to pursue my claims?
If I recover money for you from Walmart, my attorney fee comes out of the money Walmart pays. 

If we lose the case, do I owe you attorney fees?
No. If we lose the case, you do not owe my anything.

What is this case about?
We believe Walmart was ordering background reports on some of its job applicants without disclosing information they had a right to, such as the name of the background check company. This is a violation of a California law called the Investigative Consumer Reporting Agency Act (“ICRAA,” for short). When an employer violates the ICRAA, it is obligated to pay its employees a monetary penalty, attorney fees, and costs of litigation.